Fun in Firenze

Our 3 day adventure in Florence has been lots of fun.  This is our final day in the city that was the heart of the renaissance.  We walked a lot, took in the highlights, eat well and had our share of gelato’s.

Lunch today was in the Piazza della Signoria which starting in the 14th century was the center of power for Florence.   The piazza gave us an opportunity for several photos to mark our adventures in Florence.

The Loggia dei Lanzi is an arched, open air sculpture gallery next to the Palazzo Vecchio.  We took a number of fun shots with the sculpture gallery in the background including one for our lunch table.

The Palazzo Vecchio was the house of government.  The entrance is flanked by the a stature of David and another of Hercules & Cacus.  We walked on the same cobblestones as the Medici family once strolled but did them one better.  We had our iPhones to capture the experience.


The Duomo and the Giotto Bell Tower are in the Piazza del Duomo.  It’s so hard to capture the immensity of the structure and beauty the architecture from the piazza.  But that did not stop us from trying.

Another highlight was, of course, seeing the original stature of David by Michelangelo in the Accademia.  Magnificent and breathtaking are the words that come to mind as we viewed the work of the master for the ages.


Before ending our walk, we stopped once again at the gelato shop right next to the Ponte Vecchio.  I’ve been hooked on the hazelnut and Jackie’s been steadfastly staying with the caramel.  No adventure in our gelato choices but lots of fun to enjoy.



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