Wonderful Flam and Spectacular Naeroyfjord

We took a 5.5 hour ride on the Norled express boat from Bergen to Flam. A short way into the trip we traveled through the so called magical pools, a calm and relaxing strait, to the island of Skjerjehamn which is right at the gate to the Sognefjord, king of the fjords! The Sognefjord is the longest fjord in Norway and fascinating with the surrounding high mountain landscape and in some cases snow capped peaks. The fjord is as deep or deeper than the mountains so it’s intriguing to realize your only seeing a part of the natural wonder.

Flam is at the end of the Aurlandsfjord which is a side fjord that is a very popular destination with tourists. We stayed at a B&B in town away from the busy center with a grand view of the fjord from our room and the porch. The beautiful village of Undredal is at the entrance to the Aurlandsfjord.

The Naeroyfjord is adjacent to the Aurlandsfjord and is considered by some to be the most outstanding fjord in Norway with sheer mountain cliffs, tons of waterfalls and farms clinging to the mountainsides. In our opinion, we also think it was the best one we experienced.

Gudvangen is at the end of the Naeroyfjord. The small town celebrates the days of Vikings and we found opportunities to be a part of that heritage. We also had the fortune of running into troll family who were more interested in their own history.

We returned to Oslo via the iconic Flamsbana train which winds it way up through a wonderful, steep canyon along side a rushing stream to the town of Mydral. The train stopped unexpectedly along side a powerful water falls where we caught sight of Huldra dancing to the sounds of the wind and the falls. Huldra is a beautiful, seductive creature in Norwegian folk lore that can lead someone to the mountains at their own peril.

From that point we caught another train back to Oslo to warp up our Norwegian adventure.

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