Stavanger and the Lysefjord

We enjoyed our stay in Stavanger and a sightseeing trip to the Lysefjord. We stayed right on the harbor which was very active with cruise ships, sightseeing boats, tourists and lots of other water traffic.

The Lysefjord is most well known for it’s famous Pulpit Rock which lots of folks come here just to hike from the back side. It takes a good 4 hours to get up and back. The top surface is completely flat and measures about 80 feet by 80 feet in size. Looks like a grand place to swing your legs over the edge and take in the fantastic view!

Another interesting attraction in the fjord is Hanging Falls. Visitors in zodiac boats and wearing wet suits are taken under the falls for a little cold shower. That will certainly get the blood pumping and the body at full attention.

The Stavanger harbor area is a nice spot to hang out for a while. The wharf is lined with restaurants and plenty of outdoor seating when the weather is good as it was during our stay. There is an old, stone church on the main plaza, Stavanger Cathedral, that dates back to the time of the Viking in the 12 century and is still in use today.

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