Fantastic Stay in Alesund Norway

We have enjoyed a two day stay in Alesund which is an island off the coast of Norway surrounded by many others. It’s a popular stop for cruise ships sailing the coast of Norway. Alesund is considered to be Norway’s must beautiful small city. The latitude here is at 62 deg so the sun doesn’t set till after 11:00 pm in July.

The City of Alesund from the top of Mount Aksla

One day we climbed the 418 steps to the top of Mount Aksla, the town’s very own small mountain, that offered a fantastic view from it’s summit. We got great pictures of the city and surrounding islands. Later that day we happened to run across two vikings, one just a want-to-be, who gladly posed for a photo along side their ship.

We happened to be here for the boat festival complete with a concert each night, a unique stunt act over the water and lots of food tents. We attended the concert on Saturday night which was a 3 band extravaganza. We didn’t make to the end but gave it a good try with the help of some locals. Our food tent choice was a hot waffle decked with fresh, local strawberries, blue berries, ice cream and chocolate. Who could ask for anything more?

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