Andalsnes to Alesund Trip on Trollstigen and Fjords

Andalsnes and Trollstigen Road

We traveled 5.5 hours by train from Oslo to Andalsnes which is the mountaineering capital of Norway. We stayed over night and enjoyed a fine dinner out on the terrace and a chance meeting with a friendly troll. Then traveled by bus over the Trollstigen to Geiranger. It’s a serpentine mountain road known as “The Golden Route” which claims to be one of the most breathtaking roads in Northern Europe. There was a heavy ground fog that morning so the shots from up above were as if looking down on cotton.

Geiranger & the Fjords

In Geiranger we caught the Hurtigruten ship, a local cruise line, for a ride down the Geiranger fjord which is spectacular for it’s steep walls and waterfalls. The most famous is known as the Seven Sisters for it’s multiple streams. We then continued on through a series of other fjords to Alesund which is an island on the coast of Norway.


Alesund was our destination and a planned stay for 2 days. It’s a popular stop for cruise ships sailing the coast of Norway and is about half up the coast line. Alesund is considered to be Norway’s must beautiful small city. The town has it’s very own small mountain, Mount Aksla, that offers fantastic view from it’s summit.

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