Arrivederci for Now

We’re now in Santa Margherita and Portofino on the Italian Rivera.  It’s the last leg of our month long retirement adventure.  As our time in Italy is waning we’re readying ourselves to say “Arrivederci” which literally means “Until we see each other again”.

We did a day trip to Portofino by ferry and found their harbor area to be a beautiful setting for a few last pictures.  Even one of the homes along the shore line seemed to have sad face that were leaving.




Santa Margherita has been our home base and lovely spot to spend a few days.  You know you have connected with the wait staff when they freely offer you a limoncello at the end of the meal.



Given that we love the ocean, it’s most fitting that we end our time in Italy on the coast and what better place than the Italian Rivera.   It’s the gathering place of sailboats and yachts but also folks like us who just like being next to the sea and walking the promenades.  If the little, white fishing boat with the red trim were ours, we would be just as happy as the fellow with the sailboat.


As we look out onto the ocean and towards home we feel a sense of gratitude for the wonderful times we’re experienced in Bavaria Germany and Tuscany & Liguria in Italy.  We are so thankful for the people we’ve meet from all over the world and the beautifully places we’ve experienced.  We’ve learned again that the world is as big and wonderful as you allow it to be!

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