Vernazza by the Sea

After spending 2 1/2 weeks in Tuscany, we’ve moved onto Liguria.  The region of the Cinque Terre towns built out on the steep hill sides overlooking the sea.

Our home base for 4 nights is the beautiful town of Vernazza.  The main gathering spot is the Piazza Marconi which sits right on a little harbor looking out at the sea.  Our room is on the second floor looking down on the piazza and the harbor.  The room came with a set of sliding clothes lines just outside our window.  We are starting to feel like real Italians.

The afternoons are quite crowded on the piazza but thins out before dinner.  We enjoyed a wonderful evening dinner on the piazza our first night here with a couple from Australia looking out at a new phase of the moon and a bright star in Gemini. The highlight of our meal was a whole, fresh caught sea bass grilled to perfection just as our waiter, Paolo, had promised.


There are vineyards climbing up the hill sides around town.  It looks to be quite a workout just getting to the vines let along tending to them.  But the labor is worth the effort as the wine is quite good!



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